Welcome to our wild range of Animal Accessories perfect for completing an array of fancy dress costumes, from cat ears to tails, bug wings to masks, we have everything listed below to turn you into the ultimate party animal. As you know, animals are a hugely popular costume idea all year round, werewolves being popular during the Halloween season, Reindeers during Christmas and Chickens at Easter, but thats not to say you can?t find anything unique below, infact, weve listed some of the most original and eye catching accessories to ensure you stand out from the crowd! We stock the most comical of masks thatll have your fellow party goers in hysterics, like our Rubber Donkey Mask, great for transforming you into the coolest mule around, we also stock a fantastic Elephant Kit, which will leave you looking anything but a Dumbo! We also stock more elegant eye masks for even the most sophisticated animal costumes, our personal favourite is our Emerald Peacock eye mask, a dazzling and eye catching accessory perfect for wearing to a Masquerade ball. So if youre ready to get wild at your next fancy dress party then check below some of our brilliant Animal Accessories and transform into a perfect party animal without pushing the budget!